I've just signed up to Mojo, what happens next?

Know exactly what to expect following you signup to Mojo Power.


Pre-transfer frequently asked questions

What happens next, after I complete the online sign up?

Once you have completed the signup process you’ll receive a Welcome Pack sent to your nominated email address, which includes:

  • Your rates
  • Your contract
  • Terms and Conditions.

You’ll receive an email notifying you that your MyMojo access has been activated.

If you indicated, upon sign up, that you have concessions, you will also receive a letter and a form for you to fill out and return so we can register and verify your concession eligibility.

How do I add my concession details? When will the concession apply?

Once you complete your sign up with Mojo and choose the applicable concession option you will receive a letter from us with the concessions forms to complete and return. This will allow Mojo to review the submitted form and ensure you are eligible for rebates to be applied.

How do I set up Direct Debit for my bill payments?

You can set up your Direct Debit details through your secure MyMojo Portal. Read these instructions to find out how. 

Can I add more than one email address for bills to be sent out to?

Unfortunately, we can only deliver bills to one email address however you can access your bills on the MyMojo portal.

What if I change my mind about being with Mojo Power?

That’s okay – these things happen – you have a 10-day cooling off period to help you make the decision.

The MyMojo App doesn’t have any data of mine. Why?

You may still be in the pre transfer period or you have transferred but you are waiting for your smart meter to be installed and linked to your account.

Why am I still receiving bills from my previous energy provider?

This shouldn’t happen once you have been transferred to Mojo Power. You should get a final bill from your previous energy retailer and then billing will commence from Mojo in approx. one month – if you have a smart meter.

Will you tell my old retailer that I’ve left them?

Breaking up can be hard to do so leave it to us. If you are simple changing retailers, you don’t have to do a thing – once you complete the sign up we will take care of the rest – including notifying your old retailer of the transfer. If you are moving site you will need to ask your previous retailer to close that account – we can’t do that for you.

What if I made a mistake when I signed up?

You’re only human – we all make mistakes! You can reach out to us via our website Live Chat or send us an email at hello@mojopower.com.au with any and all details you’d like to update.

What if I need to move in earlier than expected?

We always recommend you schedule moving your energy account at least 2-3 business day before your physical move. Once you sign up, our online portal will prompt you to advise the move-in date and you’ll get assistance from our team. If your move means you are moving away from your current energy retailer you will need to let them know you are moving out.

When will my meter by upgraded by Mojo to a smart meter?

You’ll receive a Meter Upgrade Complete letter from us letting you know that the upgrade has happened. This process starts once you have transferred to Mojo Power (Post Transfer).

Post-transfer frequently asked questions

I have solar, but it seems like it’s not showing any solar data on the MyMojo App.

Not to worry! We got you! Simply send us your concern, along with your full account details to hello@mojopower.com.au or chat with us and we will get it sorted.

Do prices include GST?

Mojo Power rates show both exclusive and inclusive GST pricing – this is industry standard.

When will I be able to see my data on the Mojo MyAccount dashboard?

As soon as you receive a letter from Mojo stating your data is now live! It takes approx. 25 days until you see your consumption data on the MyMojo dashboard.

When will my first bill arrive? Is it monthly or quarterly billing?

Mojo Power issues bills monthly so you’ll receive your first bill approximately one month after your transfer to Mojo – unless you don’t have a smart meter.

If you are on a basic meter, your first meter reading will be conducted when the next meter reading is scheduled for your area. This will be the same time frame it has always been.

If you are on a smart meter, your first bill will be issued based on your meter data one month from your transfer date.

What if I can’t pay my next bill on time?

You can request a payment extension by contacting us at hello@mojopower.com.au. We’re always happy to discuss and help customers who need payment assistance.

Will I be able to track my energy usage with Mojo?

Yes, provided you have a smart meter installed. With a smart meter installed you will be able to track your usage through our MyMojo App/Portal.

How will I know that I have been transferred?

You’ll receive a Transfer Complete letter to let you know that the transfer has been actioned and you’ve successfully become part of the Mojo family.

Can I talk to you about this on the phone?

You can however our Live Chat is pretty awesome. Jump onto the website (www.mojopower.com) and find the Live Chat box. Simply type in your query and get a quick response. Our Live Chat service is our fastest method of communication. It’s available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm in NSW and QLD.

Do you have a pay-on-time discount?

Our rates are upfront and not tied to a pay-on-time discount. We do understand that sometimes life gets in the way and we will also work with our customers if you need more time to pay. Contact us via the website Live Chat or hello@mojopower.com.au for assistance.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are 3 business days from the date of invoice.

Do you have a refer-a-friend deal?

Yes we do. We offer a $50 credit to anyone that refers a friend. Read more here.

On the Mojo app, what’s the difference between Real-time and the Energy tab?

The energy tab is updated daily. The real-time is a direct remote connection to your smart meter when you click on it. Real-time uses the location’s mobile signal strength at the current given time and takes up to 65-90 seconds – there can be delays and intermittent connection can occur during signal strength varying at your location. If your smart meter is not compatible, real-time may not be available to you.

Which smart meter providers offer real-time monitoring?

Currently there are three providers that allow the feature of real-time monitoring – Metropolis Metering, Spotless Metering and Metering Dynamics.

How do I learn more about real-time energy monitoring?

If you have a compatible smart meter, you can access the real-time feature screen by tapping the heart icon in the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen. Learn more here.