How to view your hourly usage

Use our smart tools to understand your household consumption.

We’ve shown you how to view your daily usage. To break your usage down into further half-hour increments, here’s what you need to do.

After navigating to your daily usage, select a particular date by clicking the yellow bar. Next to the text with the date above, click the link VIEW BREAKDOWN.


You’ll be taken to a similar-looking page, which breaks down your daily usage and spend into much greater detail. You can navigate throughout the entire 24 hour period and back and forth between days.

This information is highly useful and allows you to pinpoint exactly which appliances were to blame for particular spikes in electricity. For example, if you know you had the air conditioning on for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, you can see exactly how much that cost you.

You can also view your solar savings in half-hourly increments by clicking on the green bars.

IMAGE 2You can also toggle from daily spend to daily usage, using the Spend vs Usage dial.