How is my G'Day Sunshine FiT calculated?

The G'Day Sunchine FiT is a little different to others. Find out how it will be calculated and displayed on your bill.

We pay you 22 cents per kWh in NSW and 18 cents in Energex, QLD (rate 1) for the first 5kWh of solar energy you export per day. Any further solar exports will be paid at our standard feed-in rate. As of October 2021, that's 7.5 cents per kWh* (rate 2).

While we want to compensate customers for generating excess energy, we are also keen to encourage our customers to use their solar power in their home. For most solar homes, this is how you stand to benefit from your system most.

This is because, unless you got solar over a decade ago, your feed-in tariff will be less than the rate you pay for energy (this is true across the industry, no matter which power company you're with). So there’s really no point generating excess solar power if that means you are paying for other electricity at peak rate times!

So along with the two FIT rates, we have also built smart tools to help customers analyse and plan their consumption in line with their generation capacity. By using these tools you’ll be able to see when is the best times to use your solar energy and when you’ll make the biggest savings. You can check these out here.

Here’s how the FIT rates will look on your bill:

When you receive your bill the tariff will be itemised by rate 1 and rate 2 for the total amount generated for the month. In this scenario, a NSW customer has exported 200 kWh solar power within a 31 day month:

G’day Sunshine FiT (Stage 1: first 5kwh) 155kWh @ 22c = 34.10CR

G'day Sunshine FiT (Stage 2: balance) 45kWh @ 7.5c = 3.37CR

In the above scenario, you would receive a credit against your monthly charges of $37.47.