Government rebates, concessions and grants

Government Rebates, assistance and concessions information on community and government assistance.


Moneycare: Salvation Army Financial Counselling Service

For people who are not located near a Moneycare office or require this facility for financial counselling via correspondence — anyone who requires assistance in this way should contact their local Salvation Army Community Services Centre and the office will in turn contact the nearest Moneycare branch. For areas without a Moneycare office of Community Service Centre, call 1300 36 36 22.
Telephone: 1300 36 36 22


Moneysmart is a website that provides information to help people make smart choices about their personal finances. It is created and run by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). ASIC is the financial services regulator, an independent agency of the Australian Government.
MoneySmart offers free, independent guidance online so people can make the best choices about their money. Financial counselling is a free service offered by community organisations, community legal centres and some government agencies. Financial counsellors can help you solve your money problems. Financial counsellors provide a free, confidential and independent service.
Telephone No: 1300 300 630

Wesley Mission − Credit Line

For immediate and free assistance, call the Credit and Debt Hotline service to speak with a financial counsellor. They can assist you on what to do next and who to see regarding your financial difficulties.
Telephone No: 1800 007 007

NILS: No Interest Loans Scheme

The No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS®) provides interest-free loans for individuals or families on low income. It’s a community-based program that enables people to access fair, safe and equitable credit for the purchase of goods and services.
Telephone No: 13 NILS (13 64 57)


There are a range of payments and services to support in an emergency or crisis situation. You may be able to get paid an income support payment immediately, even if you are not already receiving a Centrelink payment. If you already receive a Centrelink payment, you may be able to receive an advance lump-sum payment from your existing income support payment. The type of payment or assistance that you may be able to get will depend on your individual circumstances. Crisis Payment is a one-off payment to help those experiencing difficult or extreme circumstances. Community Engagement Officers assist people of all ages to get financial help and other services, if they are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. There is also the Financial Information Service − a free, confidential service that provides education and information on financial issues to all Australians.

National Debt Helpline

The NDH is not-for-profit service that helps Australians their debt problems. Professional financial counsellors offer a free, independent and confidential service.
Telephone No: 1800 007 007

Australian Department of the Environment and Energy

Energy Information and services for households and businesses.

New South Wales

The NSW Government’s Social Program for Energy offers a range of assistance and rebates for eligible energy consumers and businesses in NSW. For more information please refer to

NSW Business Support Grants – Commenced June 2021

The NSW Government has announced a new grants package and changes to the Dine & Discover NSW program to help tens of thousands of businesses and people across NSW impacted by the current COVID-19 restrictions. To know more information please visit 2021 COVID-19 Support Package

NSW Government Energy Affordability Package

Reliable and affordable energy is a top priority for NSW.
On 3 September 2017, the Premier announced an energy affordability package to help households and small businesses save energy and money. The package includes rebates, upgrades to appliances and equipment, and the removal of exit fees when changing energy retailers, so you’re free to choose the best deal.
Click here to access the NSW Government’s Energy Saver website provides access to energy affordability information and programs for households and small businesses and is available in multiple community languages.

NSW Government Cost of Living Service

Customers can now access more than 40 NSW Government rebates and savings in one place. Customers can book a free one hour appointment at selected Service Centers. The service is available at

FCAN − Financial Counsellors’ Association of NSW Inc (FCAN)

Financial counselling is a free community service provided by financial counsellors working in non-profit organisations that assist consumers who are experiencing financial problems. A financial counsellor can provide a full assessment of customers’ financial situation, including regular income and expenditure, assets and liabilities. Information as to entitlements to government forms of assistance.
Telephone No: 1300 914 408

Seniors Energy Rebate

The Seniors Energy Rebate helps independent retirees who hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card cover the cost of their electricity bills. The $200 rebate is paid once each financial year to eligible households. More information can be found at
Note: Approved applicants will receive the rebate from October 2019.

Pensioners and veterans can apply for the Low Income Household Rebate.

Concessions and Rebates

Mojo Power will also request information from individuals to confirm eligibility for different concessions that may be applicable.

Energy Accounts Payment Assistance Scheme (EAPA)

The Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) Scheme helps financially disadvantaged people experiencing difficulty paying their electricity or gas bill because of a crisis or emergency situation. The scheme helps people stay connected to essential energy services during a financial crisis. This scheme is not available on an ongoing basis. EAPA is only one type of assistance available and should not be considered as the only option for those unable to pay their electricity or gas bill. The EAPA Scheme operates through a voucher system.
Information is available on the government website in community languages.
Information on EAPA Provider Contact List for Teleconference Assessment click here.

Low Income Household Rebate: Energy Information Line 13 77 88.

The Low Income Household Rebate helps eligible NSW households to pay their energy bills. Recipients of the Energy Rebate are electricity account holders who hold either an eligible concession card issued by the Federal Department of Human Services or the Department of Veteran Affairs.
Information is available on the government website in community languages.

Life Support Rebates: Energy Information Line on 13 77 88

If you require certain medical equipment in your home that is necessary to sustain your life, such as a kidney dialysis machine or respirator/ventilator, you may be entitled to a rebate on your electricity bill. You will need to apply for the rebate from your electricity retailer and provide a certificate from your doctor confirming that you require the equipment. The Life Support Rebate is additional to any other energy rebate to which you may be entitled.
You can obtain a copy of the Life Support Rebate application form by clicking here or contact Mojo Power directly.
Information is available on the government website in community languages.

Medical Energy Rebate: Energy Information Line on 13 77 88
The Rebate is for eligible customers who have a medically diagnosed inability to self-regulate body temperature when exposed to extremes (hot or cold) of environmental temperatures. It may be associated with certain medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. To apply for the Rebate, eligible customers should submit an application form to Mojo Power. You can obtain a copy of the application form by clicking here or contact Mojo Power directly.

Family Energy Rebate Information Line 13 77 88

The NSW Government’s Family Energy Rebate is one of a number of measures designed to assist families manage their energy costs. You may be eligible for the Family Energy Rebate if you have received and been assessed as eligible for the Commonwealth Government’s Family Tax Benefit A or B. You can obtain a copy of the application by visiting
Information is available on the government website in community languages.

NSW Energy Saver

The NSW Government has launched a new energy saver website to make it easier for households and businesses to access information and get the help they need. This new website helps households find ways to save on energy bills by providing information to help consumers understand energy use, make improvements in the home to reduce usage and understand solar and battery power.
There is also information on accessing and applying for rebates and discounts consumers may be eligible for. The website offers small businesses and households information on how to access discounts and incentives to save energy, including discounted energy efficient lighting and appliance and equipment upgrades. Visit to find out more.


HEEAS: Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme

While not a concession, the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme provides one-off emergency assistance to low-income households. To be eligible for assistance, households must have experienced a short-term financial crisis or unforeseen emergency, within the past 12 months, limiting their ability to pay their current electricity account. Assistance can only be provided once in any 12 month period and may only be provided for two consecutive years. Mojo Power will initiate the application process following consideration of all the eligibility criteria. Further financial assistance information can also be found by viewing the QLD Government website by clicking here.

Medical cooling and heating electricity

The Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme assists with the electricity costs for eligible customers who have a chronic medical condition such as multiple sclerosis, autonomic system dysfunction, significant burns and severe inflammatory skin conditions. For further information and an application form contact the Department of Communities Smart Service Queensland on 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or you can download a copy of the application form here.

Electricity Life Support

The Electricity Life Support Concession Scheme is a concession to assist eligible users of an oxygen concentrator or kidney dialysis machine with meeting their electricity costs. The concession is to contribute to the cost of running these machines. For further information contact Department of Communities Smart Service Queensland on 13QGOV (13 74 68) or visit the Department’s website at

Electricity Rebate

The Queensland Government provides an electricity rebate to eligible pensioners and seniors to help with the cost of electricity. As of 1 April 2017 the Queensland Government has extended the Electricity Rebate to Commonwealth Health Care Card holders and asylum seekers.
The card holder must the registered account holder with the electricity retailer for premises that are their principal place of residence. For more information you can contact the Department of Communities Smart Service Queensland on 13QGOV (13 74 68) or visit the Department’s website
You can also download the following applications for the Electricity Rebate below.

South Australia

If you require more information on concessions and rebates please click here.

ConcessionsSA (within Department of Human Services)
Postal Address; GPO Box 292 Adelaide SA 5001
Phone: 1800 307 758

Energy bill concession

Eligible South Australian residents may be able to receive a concession on their household energy bills, to assist with electricity and gas payments (including LPG bottled gas). You may be eligible if you:

  • hold a pensioner concession card or DVA Gold Card (TPI, EDA or War Widow), OR

  • DVA Gold Card issued to a person with 80 or more overall impairment points under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004.

  • hold a Centrelink Health Care Card (including a low income health care card), OR

  • hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card, OR

  • receive an eligible Centrelink allowance

In addition, the address for which you are claiming the concession must be your principal place of residence and your name must appear first on the electricity bill. For more information please contact the ConcessionsSA Hotline on 1800 307 758 or download an application form here.

Medical Heating and Cooling Concession (MHCC)

On 1 January 2012, the South Australian Government Department of Human Services introduced the Medical Heating and Cooling Concession. This energy concession assists South Australians on a fixed or low income who have a clinically verified medical condition which requires the frequent use of heating or cooling in the home to prevent the severe exacerbation of their condition. The Medical heating and cooling concession is available to eligible applicants in addition to the current energy concession.

For more information please contact the ConcessionsSA Hotline on 1800 307 758 or download an application form here.

Emergency Electricity Payment Scheme (EEPS)

If you are having difficulty paying your account due to hardship, and you are eligible for a concession, you may qualify for a relief payment through the South Australian Government Department of Human Services Emergency Electricity Payment Scheme (EEPS). To apply for EEPS assistance, you will need to visit a financial counsellor who will make an assessment before an application can be lodged. To find a financial counsellor near you, see the ASIC MoneySmart Website