Can I do a self read?

Reading your meter.

If you have a smart meter, you don't need to worry about reading your meter as we will do it remotely. 

If you have received an invoice from Mojo Power that shows one or more of your reads were “Estimated”, you have the option to submit a self-read of your metering if you meet this criteria:

  • You have an open current account with Mojo Power for the electricity supply at your address.
  • You have got to be an authorised contact on the Energy account.
  • Your metering needs to be an accumulation meter.
  • The word “Estimate” appears under Reading Type on the second page of your invoice (note, you will only see this information if you have an accumulation meter)
  • You must submit your self-read before the payment due-by date of the invoice with the estimated read.

To submit a self-read, you will need the following information:

  • Your Account Number Your National Identification Number (NMI) Your full supply address (found on top of the second page of your invoice)
  • The meter number of each meter on your property
  • The corresponding read of each meter
  • The exact date and time you recorded the meter reading
  • If possible a clear photo of the metering showing the meter number(s) and read(s) 

Please email all of the above information to with the subject line that includes:

  • Your account number
  • The words "self-read" and the date of your reading

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 12.36.28 pm

Once you submit your self-read information, Mojo Power’s Customer Experience Team will process your request and assess that the data provided is valid and compliant.

If Mojo Power believe that your self-read is viable, we will reverse the previously estimated invoice and rebill your account up to the date of your supplied meter read(s).

Please note, this will result in an off-cycle invoice being generated, which will then require payment within the normal terms. Your normal billing cycle will resume following the next subsequent network scheduled read as detailed on your invoice.

Don’t worry about the invoice displaying “Estimate” . The read you supplied us cannot be validated by the electricity market. It will still display on the invoice as “Estimate”. Do not panic, as you will clearly see your read information you provided us on the invoice.

If our team determines we cannot use your self-read, we will contact you to advise of why this is the case within two (2) business days.

Please note, currently we are unable to accept solar meter self-reads. If you have a solar meter and have received an estimated invoice, please contact our Customer Experience Team via email at